DBConsultants management services
We provide Project Management, Contract Management and Risk Management services for those companies which require specialist, dedicated management skills, possibly at comparatively short notice, for the short, medium or long term, in order to achieve specific corporate objectives which may be beyond the resources available in-house.


The principles of Project Management are much the same whether the project in question is a $50,000 building restoration, a $100,000 software development, a $200,000 office extension, a $1 million factory expansion, a new $ 20 million food processing factory, a $400 million gas-fired power station or a $1.3 billion crude oil/gas drilling and production platform.
The crucial need for hands-on, specialist Project Management skills is much the same, too.
For most owners / clients, a project is a unique task involving problems which are not part of their normal day-to-day activities - and may well lie beyond the accepted in-house experience of their organisations.  Owners / clients rarely have sufficient resources to manage a project themselves and, (recognising that good management is essential to control the timescale, cost and quality outcome of a project), therefore appoint a Project Manager - either an experienced individual or a small specialist team, but either way totally dedicated to delivering a successful project.

Contract Management is a subset of the specialist skills required for successful Project Management, but also often applies in straight forward commercial situations.  Either way, successful contracts are best prepared by a Contracts Specialist, who preferably also should be utilised for interpretation and administration of contracts, particularly for larger value undertakings where the cost of errors or delays can be significant and possibly devastating.  A Contracts Specialist is able to ensure that the finished contract is workable and that risks have been sensibly / fairly assigned between the parties involved - biassed contracts benefit no one in the longer term!  (Lawyers can have their part to play with contracts, of course, but are best utilised only to check completed contracts for legal compliance and enforceability, rather than for writing them - this is a far more cost-effective approach and ensures that the project or commercial undertaking does not get bogged down in unnecessary complexity, wrangling or delay.)

Risk Management also is a subset of the specialist skills required for successful Project Management, but has a much wider application in the strategic management of almost any commercial or technical undertaking, hence is of great importance - although not always recognised as such - to virtually all organisations.  Potential liabilities, (legal or financial), potential failures, (technical or commercial), and potential disasters, (large or small), are all best identified and recognised as early as possible, so that Risk Mitigation steps can be devised and then implemented at the appropriate time.
Failure to manage risk in a professional manner can lead to specification shortfalls, missed commercial objectives, delays, cost overruns, financial penalties, litigation and, in extreme cases, injuries or even deaths.


Depending upon the specific tasks or objectives, engaging professional Project Management, Contract Management or Risk Management specialists brings a number of significant benefits to any company:-

1.   A successful project that is completed:
      (a)  within a specified timeframe;
      (b)  at a cost that makes it economical / profitable;
      (c)  serving its intended function.
      That is: a quality job, on time and within budget.

2.   A fully functional yet workable contract that:
      (a)  aids, rather than hinders, its own successful implementation;
      (b)  is simple and easy to understand;
      (c)  is unambiguous and avoids misinterpretation or dispute;

      (d)  is fair and practical for all signatory parties.

3.   A risk scenario that has been:
      (a)  thoroughly investigated and assessed;
      (b)  addressed through a specific risk mitigation plan; thereby
      (c)  minimised to an acceptable level.

The Service

The BPGroup and DBConsultants offer professional Project Management, Contract Management and Risk Management services in Thailand and regionally.  Our Principal Partners have over seventy years of hands-on business and project experience in Thailand and globally behind them, and have been involved in a variety of fields at the most senior management levels.

We provide the skills and experience of long-term specialists in general management, project management, financial management, new business establishment, business expansion or reduction management, risk management, human resources management, contract management, business negotiations and procurement.

We act in leadership roles within our clients’ businesses, taking full responsibility for achieving the specific objectives agreed with our clients.

The Next Steps

Contact us, without obligation.
We meet you and discuss your problems and/or objectives, evaluating and defining what we can do for you and how we would go about achieving that goal.
We provide you with a proposal specifically tailored to your needs, outlining our methodology and providing a cost estimate for the service.
Once we have agreed contract terms with you, we immediately get down to work, solving your problems and achieving your targets….