DBConsultants interim management
We provide Interim Management services for those companies which require experienced, senior level, dedicated management, often at comparatively short notice, for the short to medium term, in order to achieve specific corporate objectives which may be beyond the resources available in-house.


Interim Management has been popular in Europe for over 35 years and can be differentiated from management consultancy in that Interim Managers (IMs) become actively involved in the day-to-day operations of their clients’ businesses, participating directly in creating a ‘win-win’ outcome, rather than simply ‘giving advice’ then walking away from solving the actual problems.

Companies may require an IM for a variety of reasons including:-

1.    Plugging a gap created by a sudden management departure;
2.    Managing acquisitions, expansions or relocations;
3.    Project management, particularly for new or higher risk ventures;
4.    Effecting corporate cultural change;
5.    Setting up new businesses or closing down old ones;
6.    Business and team development;
7.    Crisis management;
8.    Risk analysis and development / implementation of mitigation measures;
9.    Growing an ambitious business;
10.  Turning round an ailing business
       (a classic example being Carlos Ghosn at Nissan Motor Company).


Depending upon the specific objectives, engaging an IM instead of a management consultant or a full-time employee brings a number of significant benefits to any company:-

1.    Time. An experienced, high level IM can be brought on board quickly and can ‘hit the ground running’.

2.    Decision making. An IM can make decisions, often tough ones, with none of the problems associated
        with company politics or conflicting personal loyalties.

3.    Focus. An IM is engaged with clear, concise objectives and will focus very specifically on achieving
        those objectives.

4.    Cost effectiveness.  An IM is engaged for a specified period of time, (usually between three months
        to a year), for a defined cost.  Due to their level of experience, there is no learning curve with an IM.
       There are none of the complications associated with permanent staff - sickness, holiday and
        severance pay.  The likely payback can be defined and measured - typically being three times the
        cost of an IM appointment and often far more.

The Service

The BPGroup and DBConsultants now bring Interim Management services to Thailand.  Our Principal Partners have over seventy years of hands-on business experience in Thailand and globally behind them, and have been involved in a variety of fields at the most senior management levels. 

We offer our clients assistance in general management, project management, financial management, new business establishment, business expansion or reduction management, risk management, human resources management, contract management, business negotiations and procurement.

We act in leadership roles within our clients’ businesses, taking full responsibility for achieving the specific objectives agreed with our clients.

The Next Steps

Contact us, without obligation.
We meet you and discuss your problems and/or objectives, evaluating and defining what we can do for
you and how we would go about achieving that goal.
We provide you with a proposal specifically tailored to your needs, outlining our methodology and providing a cost estimate for the service.
Once we have agreed contract terms with you, we immediately get down to work, solving your problems
and achieving your targets….