International Brokerage & Commodity Trading
Welcome to BPCommodities Limited!
The BPGroup comprises three companies, DBConsultants, BusinessPartnersAsia and BPCommodities, which together provide a diverse range of business consultancy, interim management, commercial support services and trading facilities for clients, suppliers and customers in Thailand, ASEAN region, East Asia and globally.  The BPGroup traces its origins in Thailand back nearly twenty five years and the Principal Partners of the Group together have over seventy years of international business experience.
The BPGroup's active involvement in international barter activities led to significant commodity trading opportunities being developed and BPCommodities was established in Mauritius to service global trading requirements.  The BPGroup is a fully qualified trading operation - we buy and sell commodities, and distribute processed products, in our own right, (we are not just a broker or sales agent), with in-house expertise and specialist knowledge of the commodities that we handle and the markets that we serve.  Our key added values are in providing customers with reliable, professionally-vetted, diversified sources of supply, and providing suppliers with financially viable opportunities to sell their products, all at fair prices to both sides of the buy/sell divide.  The BPGroup trades internationally in processed kenaf products, steel scrap, iron ore, manganese ore, non-ferrous metal ores, coal and rice.